Friday, 13 March 2009

Please Help Sponsor Jake.

THIS POST WILLSTAY AT THE TOPUNTIL FRIDAY 13TH MARCH. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE NEW POSTs. Hurray I actually got it to stay at the top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jake is being a really brave and kind boy and has decided to raise money for Comic Relief. He is going to get his hair cut into a No 2 on Thursday and I would like to ask anyone interested to sponsor him.
The Site is Just go to it and give. Will post after pics once the deed is done.
Thanks Hazelxo


Lorraine A said...

I'll sponsor him for £10 what a fantastic idea to raise money for charity, well done Jake :-)

looking forward to seeing the 'new' suave Jake :)

Sue said...

brill what a great lad, look forward to seeing the new hair cut will put it on me blog hun,sue.xx

Sue said...

linked jake to my blog hun have sponsered him on link, sorry for spellin!! Well done Jake, hope you raise lots pennies. sue.xx

Angel's Delight's said...

Aha found you,
Thanks for your lovely comments,
Great blog, off for a nosey, good luck Jake...
Hugs Angel

Dawny P said...

Go Jake - good for him and bless his heart xxxxx. I'll nip over and sponser him now and link up later chick xxxx

Dawny P said...

I sorted out the sponder bit but every time I went to leave a message, it chucked me out so I don't know if they went or not!! So you will either have about 4 messages or none at all lol xx . But well done Jake, you sweet sweet boy xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Well worth our donation to Comic relief. You will look so much smarter,Jake.

Aunty Sheona & Uncle Graeme

Lorraine A said...

Hi Hazel, Just a note, you can delete this :-0 I've just amended the rules for the blog candy, everyone seems to be in agreement and it does make sense , pop over and take a look, Ann has amended hers too
see you later x