Monday, 26 April 2010


Mmmmm I seem to have come a cropper on this card for Fabs Challenge this week. I really don't know what to do with it. The theme is snowflakes so I had this stunning vellum which I popped on to the card then the ribbon and sentiment. Now I can't get an image to look ok. Any ideas!!!
Thanks so much.


  1. How about just dotting some gemstones or glitter on your snowflakes for a wee bit of sparkle - I don't think you need an image.

  2. Hi that velum its for an image I've got the Forever friends bear with the mug and robin will pop some in your envelope

    hope this helps hugs shell xx

  3. I like it ! Very elegant. X Fab

  4. I think it is pretty elegant as it is and would be glad to receive it. Perhaps a bit of glitter or gems as Max suggested, but nothing more than that
    Beryl x

  5. Yep! I agree with Max, just a few gems on some of your snowflakes. I think an image would detract away from the gorgeous paper and spoil it.

    Hugs Christine x

  6. It's gorgeous Hazel, I agree with the others about adding a bit of sparkle but I don't think it needs an image.

    Nicki, xx


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