Wednesday, 7 July 2010


I missed last weeks WOYWW due to my poor neck being so sore but here I am back this week.
Pop over to Julia's Blog to play along. Its great fun.
SO this week there is a big mess on the desk!!! I have been playing at making my own background papers with my inkpads. Hope to get a card made later with the pinky one.
I even have my Perfect Pearls at the ready for it. Never say no to a bit of shimmer!!! I made one yesterday using the same technique and loved it. It was a frog with blues and greens!

A fortnight ago few beedy Eyed Peeps noticed a very scary mask so here it is with its owner!!!! I had taken the picture for last week but like I say I couldn't do much with the sore neck!!

Its Tom being a Smiler from Doctor Who!!!!
Here he is without it. Thanks for popping by my blog and I love to see your creative mess too so will pop over and comment!Hope you have a fabby Wednesday


  1. Hi Hazel
    oh you getting all inky, now i like Tom without the mask! lol. glad your neck is feeling a little better, have good day, sue,x

  2. Yes, he looks lovely *without* the mask :-D

    Hope your neck is better now, Hazel - lovely creative looking desk this week :-D

  3. Nothing like getting inky fingers Hazel, love the peek at the pink one. Tom is one cute kid under that scary mask!
    big hugs
    En xx

  4. Had a good laugh when you revealed the "monster." I love making my own backgrounds and this one looks super. Looks like it has lots of shimmer, too.

    Hope your neck is better. Happy WOYWW.

  5. Glad you are feeling better this week. Tom looks much better without the mask. Though it is a fab mask.

  6. Hiya Hazel

    fab desk lots of things there :O) glad your neck is feeling better


  7. Can you still craft in that messy desk there? Looks you've got no spare room.
    That's one scary mask. Should've seen my face when I looked at the foto :)
    ** Evi **

  8. As a fellow neck sufferer I sympathise. What a cheeky looking lad you have there!

  9. I think I spotted that mask! it is scarrrrrrrrrry, wouldn't wan to meet him in a dark alley!

  10. Hope your neck continues to improve. Love you little masked man :-)
    A x

  11. ooh Hazel - I want to reach in to your space and have a ferkle around you is a tease mississ!

    love the mask, and the real face is even better...

  12. love your desk, the smiler mask is way scary :)

  13. Love the pinky piece of paper, it's fun doing backgrounds isn't it? Little Tom is such a cutie, without the mask of course!


    PS. Hope your neck is better soon.

  14. Love your monster! I like making my own backgrounds too and have just treated myself to two more tubs of perfect pearls this week too - didnt realise that they sold them individually and not in the packs of four that I have always seen before! Hope you neck is better now.

  15. Pinky and inky - a good thing, specially if you've had to take time off to recover - hope your neck isn't troubling you now. I prefer Tom without the fact, I could eat him!

  16. Gorgeous little monster you have there. Glad your neck is better and the pinky background is fab!


  17. that IS a scary mask! and glad to see a desk as busy as mine!


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