Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Hello from a Chilly Arbroath this morning. Its very windy here and a lot cooler too.
I missed last week as things were a nightmare here. Just keep thinking when will it end.
This week I have taken a picture of where I take my pictures of the cards I make. (sorry its a bit grainy ??? Whats wrong with the camera) Its one off the work tops in the kitchen. I also stamp the backs of the cards here and get my envelopes and pop them in to their plastic bags. If I don't do it then and there I end up with a huge pile of cards!!!

The scrapbook page at the front is of Jake. I did it last week on a Cyber Crop with Kirsty Wiseman. She is doing one again tonight so Tom wants one of him this time. I am off to hunt down some pictures of him today so I am more organised!!!

There are some transfers on the tiles in the background. If anyone knows how to get them off then feel free to tell me as they are stuck fast and not to my taste at all!!!
Enjoy your Nosey and Hope the rest of the week good to you.


  1. maybe a flat razor blade would get those stickers off? They have ones that are made for windows, so maybe one of those would work

  2. Hiya Hazel hun

    I was looking and thinking eh thats a kitchen lol, fab project


  3. I love your photo booth. Nice tidy space today. I did miss you last week.

  4. Beautiful page :-) Hope this week is a bit calmer for you
    Anne x

  5. My first thought for removing those stickers was also a window scraper (that's what OH calls the thing) hope you can get them off, wish I could remove the pattern off my kitchen tiles but they are patterned tiles.
    Gorgeous looking LO too thanks for sharing

  6. Have you tried nail varnish remover on the tiles?
    great to see a little part of your world
    Lisa ;)

  7. Neat space. I can't help with the stickers though except to try scraping them then using some sticky stuff remover.
    Luv Joanne xx

  8. Hi Hazel
    hope things settled down now, luv the foto studio, have you tried white spirit?? or green scotch bright?? luv the layout there, Have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  9. Sorry can't help with your tile problem. Great LO

  10. I always love your work space. Like your photo booth, too. What a clever idea.

    I know of two products, but they may not be available in the UK. One is UnDo, the other is Goo Gone. Both are natural products and won't hurt photos, either. They are both liquid, so you might have trouble with a vertical surface. Happy WOYWw.

    BTW, you can have my heat and dry weather. I'm SO ready for the cooler temps.

  11. everything in once place, fab workspace,Happy WOYWW! Thank you for sharing your workspace (Linky number 19)

  12. thanks for sharing your work space - fantastic photo area ides..

    Dx (49)

  13. Would you believe I had to Google Arbroath as I had no idea where it was apart from Northern Scotland! Bet that East wind is chilly! Have no idea how to remove the stickers, hope some of the other suggestions will work for you.

    Lovely LO,really hope things calm down for you.

  14. Have you tried a hair dryer on those tiles to sort of melt the glue??

    Love the LO.

    Good luck.....A.xx

  15. Nice little corner of the kitchen taken over for craftiness!
    JoZarty x

  16. Thats a nice bright space to take photos - enjoy the class tonight and I have no idea about the stickers - sorry!

  17. Beautiful layout! Happy WOYWW - Carola, 112

  18. Great photo studio!
    Very tidy looking area altogether!

  19. Sorry I'm so late this week. It's been manic here. Love the Lo on your desk and your christmas card in the next post :-)
    A x

  20. Why don't you try Sticky Stuff Remover:

    We used it to remove some pesky car park stickers from the car windscreen and it worked well


  21. Lovely layout and photo studio...oops I mean kitchen [Big Grin]. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Love your photo station, good idea, I did have a cut cut shoe box at one time, but now there's just a pillow case on top of my printer, (which is then stuck tot he wall) and a daylight bulb in my lamp, sometimes it works other times it doesn't. Have a good weekend


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