Saturday, 26 March 2011

Marbles Mutterings...........

 Ha Ha Yes its me again Wee Marble the Crafty Hamster. I am running late this week with my post as I have been busy moving my house about.  Yes Us hamsters like to do a bit of a Colin and Justin too. I have moved from the upstairs to the downstairs where there is lots more sawdust to keep me cosy!!!!
So as you can see I have been a very busy wee beastie.  
 Look what my Hazely made this week she is a clever human. I love it its a Hamster Choo Choo train In the top picture I am the Driver and in the second I am getting to rest in the carriage.  Look I am a bit worried and have my hands up to my mouth!! Eack its the Small Tom who was pulling me and he gets very excited when I am about.
 I don't know about you Craft Peeps but flowers just don't taste very good when they are made of material.  Yuck this one was not very good so I spat it back out.  Ha Ha left teeth marks though so Hazey cant use it now.  Marbles Mark!!!!

Finally this week I want to say a huge thanks to Rebekah as the Didos Hazel won her blog candy and she sent me some nibbles. Here is me eating one. The Hazely said the post peep was very good as Rebekah just posted them yesterday!!!!
If you want to see some other crafty Pets pop over to Joannes Crafting Buddies Blog to see what mischief other ones are up too
Love From Marble 
x squeek x


  1. Marble - you make me laugh!!! Hope you've passed your train driver's Fan-dabby-dosy!!!

  2. You're such a your train it is fabulous, what a great idea. For kids party or anything like that,round the bottom of the Christmas tree,all sorts...Great job.Thats if you wanted to share Marble...I was just saying....
    Luv CHRISSYxx

  3. love your little train, Marble! It is just your size! your posts always make me giggle! kisses for you and your Hazely :D

  4. Your owner is quite mad Marble - absolutely lovely however!! Your antics make me laugh out loud xx

  5. OH my lordy as your owner the quite insane Hazely knows as I was reading this whilst on the phone....I had leaky eyes laughing at you marble! You are a sweet little cutie and I've only got 2 weeks 5 days to wait until I gives ya a snuggle!!
    Be careful ya don't crash ya train
    hugs shell xxx

  6. How cute, I think you should use that flower he tried to eat. Just call it "Hamster Embossing" Lol

    xoxo Marjo

  7. Fba train perfect hamster size! Glad you enjoyed my treats Marbel! Hugs Rebekah xx

  8. Well Marble, I hope your train is 'on time' this week 'cos I would hate to miss you.
    Hugs Joanne xx


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