Monday, 3 October 2011

If I pretend..............

to be one of Mums card do you think she will play with me!!!!! 
I think thats what Squeaky Belle is saying today!!!!  She jumped onto the sofa then up onto the box of card on top of the unit to have a nosey. 
She jumped in a puddle this morning and was like Doctor Foster who went to Gloucester. It was right up to her middle. She soon jumped back out. Oh how she makes me smile.  She is so full of fun. 
Joanne has some other Crafting Buddies for you to see over HERE! 


  1. oh lol.. could she get any cuter??
    Lisa x

  2. I think she is THE best little JR ever. My DH wants her too.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  3. She's a cutie for sure! Reminds me of my neighbours Jack Russell pup when I was younger. Boy did I love Pippa, I always had her out for walks and round our house! Jx

  4. Lol she looks so innocent! NOT!!
    lol xx

  5. My daughter has a cute jack russell too. they are so full of character too.


  6. I posted your link Hazel.
    Hugs Joanne xxx

  7. Aww how cute, he looks just like our little doggie, same size but different colour :)

  8. How cute!!!!!
    Thanks for the lovely photo, Hazel!
    Hugs Gisela


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